Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wake and Hate

So, I come into work this morning to see a writer for MSN hating on Car Salesman.  This is exactly one of the reasons that I started this blog.  It’s seems there are more haters in this world writing articles than educated.  For some reason they feel when they report the negative on something they are “Educating the Public.”  Here’s the link. Read it and then Ill educate you on each of her hate rants.
First of all here’s a disclaimer, unlike her I will admit I do have somewhat of a buyess opinion being in the car business.  With that said Im an honest man and will deffinatley tell you the negative and the positive on the subject. 

Laughable.  I wasn’t aware that the general public wasn't educated enough to know that car businesses make a profit.  Consider yourself informed. Kinda the purpose for being in business. If there is a certain vehicle that is not moving as well as others, manufacturers do pay dealerships an incentive to help move that unit.  Anyone knows in sales that money motivates and if you tell me im going to make more by selling this rather than that; What do you think I m going to try to sell.  Also we don’t necessarily have to keep that “incentive as profit.”  A lot of times we use that money to sell the car at a cheaper price as an “incentive” to the customer. 

2.) Sticker shock is built into this deal.
First of all, I would have no problem with telling a customer this statement.  Buying a car is a beautiful thing.  Negotiating is not something you can do on everything you buy.  Try it at Wal-Mart.  Not gonna happen.  So yes we do have to make room for negotiation.  I know folks!  This is really some mind boggling stuff.    Kinda seems as if the lady ,that wrote this article, pretty much assumes the general public are imbeciles.

3.) You’ll get a better deal through the internet. 
Is this true?  Well on this one I can say she’s right.  We do price our vehicles at a very slim profit margin on the internet to get your business in here.  You think were going to overprice our vehicle at huge profit margins online just so you can go to our competitors site and see that its cheaper.  Not Likely.  Another brain buster lady!

4.) Knock yourself out of negotiating price;  I’ve got plenty of other ways to skin you.
SKIN YOU?  Is this lady for real.  With the use of the internet now a days, price is not what sells products anymore.  It’s service.  You can get a good price anywhere.  So, the term SKIN is not a term used in the office unless my co-workers are speaking of their fresh kill on opening day of deer season.  Here’s some info.  Will we take a loss on a vehicle to gain a customer?  Yes!  Studies have shown that an average customer value over their life period is $350,000.  So, if I can retain that customer for life eventually I will make a profit from their business.  Another factor is that by selling them a car there’s a 90% chance they will be servicing it here.  Oil changes, tire, etc.  Sorry to disappoint ya folks, but we profit here also.  As far as the financing of a vehicle goes, yes we make money there also.  Banks will pay us flat fees to do business with them.  A lot of times we will make some money off the interest rate, but in this case most of the time we get for you a better rate than what your bank is giving you.  You save money and we make a little more money.  What’s wrong with that?

5.)The great deal we advertised; you won’t get it.
Now this statement is totally false and illegal.  Has this lady ever hear of the BBB or the Attorney General.  If we advertise it and it’s still available, you will get that deal bottom line.

In closing before you share your opinion you might want to educate yourself a little more on that subject. As for this lady; well I love the fact that she has to wake up every morning, be miserable, and think of a hate article to write that day to save the world.  If ignorance is bliss… this lady has it on tap!

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