Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Rundown

First of all I want to thank everyone for all the attention


Now it’s time to get organized!  I want to start implementing weekly polls, blogs, events, etc.  Starting next Monday, for my viewers that like to run, were going to start the Monday Morning Rundown. Using your favorite app on your Smartphone, capture a picture of the routes you’re running.  Ill share them on the blog so that people in your area might be able to use your data for their own runs.  Don’t worry about using putting your time, speed, etc.  All we want is your route.  Feel free to put your speed, time, miles, etc.  Everyone loves competition.  You find someone’s route go out there and kill it.  Gives them an opportunity to better themselves and kick your butt.  It’s all in fun.  So snap screenshots of your route and start emailing them to  Ill post them Sunday night.  This is so your early bird runners can pick out a new route for Monday.  Have fun with it you’ll.  I know I will!!


For those without an app feel free just to tell us your route, but for future notice its 2011 getcha a Smartphone!!


Share this with your running friends!! Lets get this big enough that we might be able to put a run together someday.  Ill make it happen if there is enough interest!


Look to the Top for a pic of one of my routes.  Thanks for viewing and please share on your facebook, twitter, and friends.


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