Saturday, September 17, 2011

“So, I know theres no I in team, but there ain’t no we either.”  Lol!  Love that commercial.  I know we preach that there’s no individual in a team.  This is a very agreeable statement, but “there ain’t no we either” is also a very true statement.  Not in a negative way in any way, shape, or form.  There’s nothing  wrong with an “I CAN” attitude.  I believe without it, there is no team.  At some point someone on your team is going to say I can’t.   You need to be the one to step up and say I CAN!  If no one says I CAN then WE CAN'T do anything. 

I have a problem with the word can’t. Not only the fact that it’s a negative word, but to get deep on ya, it shouldn’t even exist.  Technically can’t can be done, but someone or thing chooses not to.  It’s a choice.  Now don’t get me wrong I understand that can’t has to exist in the world.  I know I can’t create gold bars out out my own saliva.  So, yes can’t has to exist.  I don’t see a need for it in the business world.  It’s a cancerous word.  Especially when it comes to customers.  You think when a customer asks you to do something and you say you can’t; there thinking “Well they can’t physically do this” or  “Jerks! They choose not to do it."  Ill go with B for 500 Trabek.  You find a way to make it happen or get someone who “CAN”!

So, next time you say you can’t, it better pertain to waving your arms and flying to the moon.  Because in business if you can’t give me a call I CAN!


FootNote:  This doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own.                

                    Get others involved.  As long as you make it happen and the

                    Customers happy, your #winning.

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