Monday, September 12, 2011

Tragedy Creates Unity

Tragedy Creates Unity:


To all our enemies around the world.  Yesterday made me realize that causing chaos to the U.S.A. is about the dumbest strategy you could have in making our country weaker. .  Hurting our country only unites us.  The sacrifice those Innocent thousands, yes innocent you cowards, made only united millions.  That’s a dangerous thing to do if you ask me.  I’m a little pumped up with patriotism today due to the fact that I went to the opening Chiefs game on 9/11.  Ya the Chiefs got beat.  What’s new?  I was blessed though to  get to see a piece of America come together and give their hearts to not just the 9/11 victims, but to the Red, White, and Blue.  I’ve never felt an energy in my life like I felt when that soldier got on the field and played taps.  The stadium was damn near silent except for the weeps of Americans overcome with patriotism.  So, next time you think about messing with the USA think twice.  Tragedy only makes us stronger and that the last thing you’ll want knocking on your doorstep. United Americans!!

This Friday were going to get to add another American Citizen to our roster.  My brother, best-man, and best friend Faisal will become a U.S. citizen after 10 years.  He came to us from Kuwait to attend college here in the states.  What he found was a home.  I’m proud of my brother.  He has all the characteristics of a true American.  Works hard, plays hard, loves his friends and family, and will make us one stronger come Friday morning.  Thanks everyone for reading.  Please share this with friends and family on you face book, twitter, etc.  I think our country needs a little pick me up right now.  Or if you have your own patriotic story you would like to share please email it to  Ill be glad to share it in a blog.  Here’s a video of some of the opening festivities at the Chiefs game commemorating 9/11.  Enjoy!!


Please excuse the un-edited video.  I just wanted to share what I got.

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