Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don’t Let Greed Affect Your Long-Term Goals!!

If u build it they will come!

No Jobs?…. Create one!!


Economy sucks, businesses aren’t hiring, blah blah blah blah.  If your unemployed, and these are the excuses you have, snap out of it.  The only person keeping you from a job is that person in the mirror.  Did you know that there are over 2 billion people on the Internet alone?  2 billion!!!  That’s a lot of opportunities to do business if you know how to reach them.  Remember Field of Dreams?  If you build it they will come.  Same goes for the Internet.  If you create a site that people want to visit then the skies the limit.  Blog, sell, create, chat, etc.. There are all kinds of topics you can create to get people interested in your site.  Once you have the site traffic, you may sell advertising.  Guess what?  That pays!!!  Something that pays you legally is a job.  Congratulations… You’re now employed….  Now tell your friends.  The more employed the better this economy is going to get!!


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Customer Service?  I’d like that supersized please!!

Whether you like the term or not, one of the first things you have to come to grips with in business is that genuinely the customer 100% of the time is always right.  Why?  They pay the bills.  Without a consumer there is no “business”.  So with that in mind I want to share this.  Keep this in your mind when you have an upset customer.

“An upset customer is created not born.”  By this I mean if a customer is upset it is your job to make them not.  What you need to know though is just because a customer acts upset that doesn’t necessarily mean they are with you.  Honestly some people wake up every morning and drink that HaterAde.  They just hate life.

  Ill give you an example:
My top salesman has an older gentleman that buys a car from us every year.  The whole time he’s mean, spiteful, and rude.  Guess what though? We treat him like gold, put up with his antics, and cater to all his ways and every time he’s 100% completely satisfied with our service.  Every time on the manufacturers’ survey he brags about our dealership. 

So next time you have an upset customer, have fun with it.  These people are used to people getting upset with them because of their way and they feed off of it.  Don’t veer from your professionalism, treat them like a winning lotto ticket, and thank the powers that be they came in today to do business.  Were in recession!!  You better learn to adapt or say goodbye to your business….

Friday, August 26, 2011


Value?  What has value? How is value perceived?  Is it the Green printable paper in your wallet?  Is it the shiny stuff you glam yourself up with to perceive to the public you have much value?  Is it time?  I think it’s actually up to the person and the situation they’re in.  I personally value a lot of things.  Family, friends, my pets, time, and yes of course those printable green sheets of paper in my wallet.  I think it’s important in life to prioritize your values in order to have a map toward success.  You can’t be pitching a sale with the thought of your vacation you’re starting the next day.  In that case your vacation is more valuable to you at the moment than the actual action that’s going to pay for that trip to Venice.  All your values have to have a time and a place.  Learn how to prioritize your values and success will come easy. 




“Success is 10% inspiration, and 90% perspiration”

--Thomas Edison


Those seven simple words have been engrained into my head ever since I set foot on my college campus. I realized at a young age that I had been blessed with academic intelligence; however, it wasn't until entering college that I realized intelligence will only get you so far...after that, effort and dedication take over. All throughout high school, I was able to breeze by simply on my laurels. Upon receiving my first “F” in my freshman year of college, I was faced with a tough choice: continue on trying to squeak by with minimal effort, or put my nose to the grindstone and get to work...I wisely chose the latter.

If you take a look into the background of the most successful businessmen and women in America, their drive and desire to succeed is what allowed them to get to where they are today. Don't get me wrong, higher education is a very worthwhile goal to strive after. But having a degree does not guarantee success or riches; what it does, however, is show a potential employer that you have the dedication and desire to succeed. When I am interviewing someone that wants to come work for me, I spend 4 to 5 minutes looking at their resume, and then lay it aside. Anyone can make themselves look good on paper; what you say to me and how you interact says more than any mindless statistic. The age old adage of “actions speak louder than words” holds true to this day.

In the sports world, they call it the “it” factor. NFL coaches look for those intangible characteristics, the leadership factors necessary to lead an NFL team into battle and bring home the title. In the business world, the same “it” factor is strongly desired and sought after. I credit the United States military for giving me that “it” factor. After college, I spent a number of years leading troops into combat, a place where the smallest mistake can get you or your best friend killed. Through months of backbreaking training, even the most stubborn of troops is transformed. Integrity, excellence and commitment are words used very often in our society, but to a U.S. Military member, they are not just words; they are a code to live by, an ethos sworn into the very core of each and every proud soldier, airman, marine and sailor. The ability to carry those same character traits over into your daily tasks will allow you to rise above and succeed in every task you take on.

My grandfather gave me some of the best advice I've ever been given when I left for college: “Whether you are a C.E.O or a trash collector, you do everything you can to be the best at what you do.” When I joined my company, I joined with absolutely zero experience in this business; I was as new as new could be. What I lacked in experience, however, I made up with a strong desire to be the best at what I do. And that is something I find more necessary than any degree or certification...I can teach you how to do this job; I cannot teach you how to have the heart, the drive, and the desire to be the best.

Not everyone is cut out for corporate America, and there's nothing wrong with that. Others believe that spending 4 years in undergraduate and 2 years in graduate school make you a guaranteed successful manager; that, too, is a fallacy. The one tried and true factor in being successful is an innate desire, a drive, to be the absolute best at what you do. I may not be the smartest, most talented individual in my career field, and I'm fine with that. But when I wake up in the morning and come to the office, one thing I know without a doubt is that I'm going to do everything in my power to be better than anyone else there.


-Matt Lopez-


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Efficiency Not Time

Who says you don't have to work hard in order to make your business successful.  Key words "WORK HARD".  There are a lot of ways to define working hard.  Unfortunately this day and age there is a misunderstanding that working hard is only defined by the amount of time you contribute to your success.  I find this to be true and false.  Example: Does it really matter if you get the same amount of production/results out working 2 hours or 12.  I try to measure my employees on a production/number base.  Not the amount of hours you take to tackle the task @ hand.  Now the true side of this is, in any facet of business, if your doors aren't open people can't come in.  The more hours people have access to your business the more chances you have of gaining a customer.  When it comes to the access to your business structure it in the sense of being accessible during the time of day for the most hours that pertains to your service or product.  Example:  If you serve dinner your probably not going to have your hours of operation from 6am to 11am in the morning.  If your patrons are coming in starting at 6pm until 11pm.  Pretty simple! Be open during this time period.  My point is you're not going to keep your dinner serving business open from 8am until midnight just in case you might grab one or two more customers.  The man hours alone would wipe out your profits.  It's all a numbers game.  Look into where you can be more efficient and I guarantee this is a huge way to cut expenses and retain profits.


Healthy Success.


Anyone in business can tell you in order to perform @ the top of your game you have to feel good.  Feeling good gives you that swagger of confidence that keeps you in a positive frame of mind to make it happen.  You ever realize when you're in a great mood things just naturally go your way?  Now not all life is peaches and cream, but there are certain things you can control to make life progress in the right direction.  I feel the gym and staying fit is a major key element in staying in a positive frame of mind.  It's a place to let out your frustrations, a place to stimulate your body and mind, and don't forget an awesome place to network.  Most successful people hit the gym at some point in time.  Who better to surround yourself with?  I personally use a full body workout I developed with the reading of a few men's health books that works awesome.  You’re not going to get huge, but Its more of a tone and healthy look.  Now I know your not going to have the time to hit the gym up everyday.  You have reports to do, people to hire, etc.  For this I suggest what I did.  I installed the perfect pull-up right in my office.  With that and the perfect push-up you have yourself a mini gym right next to your stapler.   Every time I walk in or out of the office I do one or the other.  Ya sure people walking by will think your nutzo, but hey you don't get to the top of your game without being an individual.  For a copy of my Mens Health workout I created on excel, feel free to hit me up on my email @


I'll be glad to send you a copy.  It's all about helping each other.  Not paying it forward in life makes for a long and lonely road....


Tuesday, August 23, 2011



I don’t think Wikipedia has enough space to define success.  Im gonna go a little Gary Busey on ya with an acronym I thought of this morning for success. 

Something U Can Create Every Single Second. 

This is the reason I find the word infinite.  Be honest with yourself.  You have a goal toward success, but you know once you get to that point your going further.  That’s what successful people do.  I made it to work on time.  Hell that’s success to a lot of people.  So whatever your key to success is share it.  Let others know how to get there… Spread the love.  You know you didn’t get to where your at with the help of a successful person.  In summary always remember Success is created in a second……every second of your life…


Monday, August 22, 2011 Great walk around on the 2012 Malibu!!

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Sponge Bob saves the World

Sponge Bob Helps People Go Green!!

I know what your thinking.  What in the world could Sponge Bob have to do with going green and why is this in a business blog?  Here’s the story.  Here in the office we receive a copious amount of faxes that never even get eyes set upon.  I wish my fax machine had a spam filter.  Hold on I might be on to something here.  Anyways, I thought hey I’m probably not the most green friendly guy in the world, but I feel as if we just recycle the fax machine paper a quarter of the Amazon would be spared.  So, I set up a recycle box in the office.  Days go by.  I notice everyone is either too lazy to utilize my recycle box or isn’t aware of the change I’m trying to make.  So, just like any idea you’re trying to sell, I advertised.  Gathered everyone up in a meeting and announced that we would be using this box to recycle all paper we use here in the office.  The box remained empty.
Now I can’t just go firing everyone just because they didn’t listen to my command to recycle.  I love the Amazon and all, but I have a business to run here.  Improvising I put up a Sponge Bob nerf basketball hoop above it…… Two weeks later it’s full of rolled up used paper balls that my associates have been shooting into the sponge bob hoop.  Just goes to show in any aspect of life you can tell, show, give reason for someone to do something, but if they don’t have the want to do something they won’t.  They wanted to have fun shooting the baskets and in the meantime I tricked them into recycling…..

Pressed Grapes….. Ill take 2.4lbs pressed, with yeast, and aged about 6 months.  That’s a bottle of wine for the liegeman.  Had a great week in Herman, Missouri with my fiancĂ©.  She knows I’m a huge fan of wine so she treated me to a surprise weekend to Missouri wine country.  Yes Missouri has a wine country.  A damn important one I may add.  Little history for ya…. Back in the 1800’s the vines in Italy/France developed a fungus that killed off their vines.   So the great state of Missouri bailed them out with a lot of their vines, mostly the Norton grape.  What is it with the good ol USA bailing out the French?… Snap!!  Any who…  All of the wine that your tasting over there now are grown from vines sent to them by Missouri…. So next time your inner wine snob refuses to drink that good ol Missouri wine and choose the French wine instead…. Your getting hand downs… So why not just go straight to the source… Just sayin..


As far as the town Herman, it was settled by the German.  This is what makes the town so unique.   The German food here is next to none.  Now as far as the wines… Adam Puchta was probably my favorite.  I have some that I didn’t like, but Ill let you form your own opinion.  I’m going to try to put together a video of the trip so I don’t want to let too much out.  Any questions or suggestions please leave down in the comments.  IF ya like the post please facebook, twitter, etc….. Thanks!