Monday, August 22, 2011

Sponge Bob saves the World

Sponge Bob Helps People Go Green!!

I know what your thinking.  What in the world could Sponge Bob have to do with going green and why is this in a business blog?  Here’s the story.  Here in the office we receive a copious amount of faxes that never even get eyes set upon.  I wish my fax machine had a spam filter.  Hold on I might be on to something here.  Anyways, I thought hey I’m probably not the most green friendly guy in the world, but I feel as if we just recycle the fax machine paper a quarter of the Amazon would be spared.  So, I set up a recycle box in the office.  Days go by.  I notice everyone is either too lazy to utilize my recycle box or isn’t aware of the change I’m trying to make.  So, just like any idea you’re trying to sell, I advertised.  Gathered everyone up in a meeting and announced that we would be using this box to recycle all paper we use here in the office.  The box remained empty.
Now I can’t just go firing everyone just because they didn’t listen to my command to recycle.  I love the Amazon and all, but I have a business to run here.  Improvising I put up a Sponge Bob nerf basketball hoop above it…… Two weeks later it’s full of rolled up used paper balls that my associates have been shooting into the sponge bob hoop.  Just goes to show in any aspect of life you can tell, show, give reason for someone to do something, but if they don’t have the want to do something they won’t.  They wanted to have fun shooting the baskets and in the meantime I tricked them into recycling…..

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