Saturday, August 27, 2011


Customer Service?  I’d like that supersized please!!

Whether you like the term or not, one of the first things you have to come to grips with in business is that genuinely the customer 100% of the time is always right.  Why?  They pay the bills.  Without a consumer there is no “business”.  So with that in mind I want to share this.  Keep this in your mind when you have an upset customer.

“An upset customer is created not born.”  By this I mean if a customer is upset it is your job to make them not.  What you need to know though is just because a customer acts upset that doesn’t necessarily mean they are with you.  Honestly some people wake up every morning and drink that HaterAde.  They just hate life.

  Ill give you an example:
My top salesman has an older gentleman that buys a car from us every year.  The whole time he’s mean, spiteful, and rude.  Guess what though? We treat him like gold, put up with his antics, and cater to all his ways and every time he’s 100% completely satisfied with our service.  Every time on the manufacturers’ survey he brags about our dealership. 

So next time you have an upset customer, have fun with it.  These people are used to people getting upset with them because of their way and they feed off of it.  Don’t veer from your professionalism, treat them like a winning lotto ticket, and thank the powers that be they came in today to do business.  Were in recession!!  You better learn to adapt or say goodbye to your business….


  1. In today's world, you can buy a car around every corner. The only thing that sets you apart and keeps the customer from chosing someone else is your service to your customer.
    Remember, "They may forget what you said, but they'll never forget HOW you made them feel" So what do you want them to remember?

  2. I agree 100 percent. U can get a great price anywhere..... The ultimate customer experience is what sells now days..

  3. It's true. When people think back to a specific incident (i.e. dealing with a certain business), they think back to a specific emotion tied with that incident. Any one negative emotion can black list a business in the mind of a customer, which can be a huge downfall if that customer holds a lot of clout in the community. Well said. I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Awesome input. I extremely appreciate ya reading my blog! Feel free to email with any input you would like to share. Some of my blogs are submissions and would love your input. Names can remain anonymous if nned be. Thanks!!!