Monday, August 22, 2011

Pressed Grapes….. Ill take 2.4lbs pressed, with yeast, and aged about 6 months.  That’s a bottle of wine for the liegeman.  Had a great week in Herman, Missouri with my fiancé.  She knows I’m a huge fan of wine so she treated me to a surprise weekend to Missouri wine country.  Yes Missouri has a wine country.  A damn important one I may add.  Little history for ya…. Back in the 1800’s the vines in Italy/France developed a fungus that killed off their vines.   So the great state of Missouri bailed them out with a lot of their vines, mostly the Norton grape.  What is it with the good ol USA bailing out the French?… Snap!!  Any who…  All of the wine that your tasting over there now are grown from vines sent to them by Missouri…. So next time your inner wine snob refuses to drink that good ol Missouri wine and choose the French wine instead…. Your getting hand downs… So why not just go straight to the source… Just sayin..


As far as the town Herman, it was settled by the German.  This is what makes the town so unique.   The German food here is next to none.  Now as far as the wines… Adam Puchta was probably my favorite.  I have some that I didn’t like, but Ill let you form your own opinion.  I’m going to try to put together a video of the trip so I don’t want to let too much out.  Any questions or suggestions please leave down in the comments.  IF ya like the post please facebook, twitter, etc….. Thanks!  

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