Friday, August 19, 2011

Car buying tips? Why not the whole thang;)

Car Buying Tips


Just want to put the word out on how you can get the best experience when purchasing a vehicle.  Will I tell you how to get the best deal here…. No.. It’s been done and Google it if your really interested.  Honestly I think the best deal is where your happy and feel good about what you paid for your vehicle.  Here’s the thing.  This is a business and it takes profit to keep the lights on.  Im gonna let you in on a little secret… Dealerships make a profit on you.  You shouldn’t be offended by this.  I want a place to make a fair profit on me. Every time I need something they will be there for me.  I won’t be put on the back burner because I’ that guy who gave the dealership a hard time, they made no money, and im in once a week with a want.  It’s a two way street.  So here are my tips on making your car buying experience more pleasant….


1.  Come in with an open mind.

Ex:  Coming in with a chip on your shoulder will work against you.  Trust me.  Kill them with kindness and they’ll go to the end of the world for you.

2.      Have an idea of what you want.

Ex:  We don’t mind an educated customer.  Makes  our job easier and really streamlines the process.

3.      Ask Questions.

Ex:  Being in the business we take for granted that our customers don’t know everything about the car business.  They’res no question too dumb.

4.      Take advantage of financing.

Ex:  I know this goes against what a lot of people say.  Does the dealership make money off your financing?  Yes, but a lot of times you still end up getting a better interest rate than what you would have gotten at your bank.

These are just a few tips when it comes to purchasing your next vehicle.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.  Ill be glad to answer any.  If you enjoy the post don’t forget to facebook, twitter, etc.


Your Mediocre!!! Your hired!!

Your Mediocre?  Your Hired!!

Pretty sad huh?  It’s all in the title.  Seems now days all you have to do is be able to accomplish the basics to be an asset to most companies now days.  What are the basics?  Well, let’s see.  How about showing up to work on time?  Sounds simple right?  You’d be amazed how hard that is for some people.  Next.  How about a great appearance?  Meaning clothes pressed, cleaned, and matching.  No white socks with black shoes here people!! As far as physical appearance, How about just showered and shaved?  Another basic attribute you would think would be easy, but it takes about ten applicants to find, a positive attitude.  Not being a zombie!!

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not preaching that being mediocre will shoot you straight up the corporate ladder, but a lot of times it will get your foot through the door.  It’s your responsibility to step it up after you’ve accomplished the basics.  Be a leader, always be learning, and set examples for the mediocre employees.  Making it to where they want to make that move from mediocre to superstar.

Ugh….. Turning 32 tomorrow.  I used to love birthdays, but honestly they do become a slight buzz kill as you get older.  Great news is though my little lady has got some shenanigans in store for me.  It’s a surprise???? But if I know my lady it’s going to be just a kick ass time.  The only facts I do know is that there’s bikes, wine, and more wine involved.  Can’t wait.  Any tips or things that are “must dos” leave in the comments.  Have a great day all!! Ill be posting some more business blogs here soon.. Be sure to check back.. Please comment, facebook, or twitter the post if ya like it….Love life and everyone in it… Lifes too short

Thursday, August 18, 2011

There are zombies in the work place

You’ve seen em. They walk in straight patterns moaning gibberish until they stumble upon a customer to feed upon. Eventually though you have to pull out your weapon of choice, take aim between the eyes, and squeeze the trigger. These zombies are known for taking one bite out of living flesh and moving on never looking back. They have left a whole corpse there to rot and waist.

In business terms these are the employees that attack a customer, hurry through the process, just to get to that next customer. With never any intention of ever following up with any customer to assure repeat business. They re only interested in fresh meat. If you’re in management, you have to be able to find these “zombies” and eliminate them from existence. Why you ask? They’re freakin zombies. Duh!! These infectious employees will only spread their virus onto healthy, efficient, and productive employees. Pull out your weapon and fire until there’s not a one of them left in sight. Keep a close eye out though. Zombies will always be filling out applications at your place of business. They’ll sneak right through your H.R. department and be placed right on your post it note. Protect your staff. Eliminate a zombie as soon as one is discovered. Yes this blog seems brutal and a bit cheesy, but for you out there in that battle for success…. You know they’re out there.


When I’m not with Miss beautiful Brittany…. I spend my time here at my profession…. What do I do?  Hmm… Business… Anykind, anywhere, anyone.  I love business.  Every so often on here youll hear me get on my soapbox and preach on my ideas, beliefs, and stategies on what It takes to make it happen.  Comments on these blogs are gladly accepted.  Whether you agree or not post them on here.  I love learning from other people.    Heres a little taste of my my business blogging…. Trust me I have a lot in my head and have already written a few blogs, but hey just a little taste at a time…. Enjoy   Please like, comment, post to facebook, twitter, etc.    Heres a taste…..



Headed to wine country.  What’s involved?  No clue.   My beautiful fiancĂ© is blessing me with a trip to Missouri Wine country.  Yes there is a wine country in Missouri.  Little history for ya…. Most of the vines that grow in California, France, and Italy come from the good ol’ state of Missouri.  Due to a fungus killing off there vines… Don’t believe me? Google it J or just click this link.

Should be a lot of fun.  Were going to take lots of video due to the involvement of a combination of drinking wine, riding the Katy Trail on bikes, and whatever other shenanigans we get involved in!!  Look back early next week for the updated blog with video….. Thanks for dropping bye and please comment, like, facebook, twitter, etc!!


Everybody’s doing it!! Blogging….. Im joining this party.  My future wife and I have decided to start a blog…. Well mainly me, but im dragging her into this  This weekend will be our first stab at blogging.  Were headed up to wine country here in Missouri for my birthday.  We thought it would be really interesting to document the trip so others can share the experience with us.  Honestly the reason were starting this blog is for pure fun… Ya.we have facebook, twitter, etc. the share our experiences and opinions, but we want a new platform.  That’s just ours that people may visit, comment, and share their own questions an experience.  We hope you’ll love the blog.  Well update frequently with video, pics, and some of the worst grammar you have ever seen.  Enjoy!!

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