Thursday, August 18, 2011

There are zombies in the work place

You’ve seen em. They walk in straight patterns moaning gibberish until they stumble upon a customer to feed upon. Eventually though you have to pull out your weapon of choice, take aim between the eyes, and squeeze the trigger. These zombies are known for taking one bite out of living flesh and moving on never looking back. They have left a whole corpse there to rot and waist.

In business terms these are the employees that attack a customer, hurry through the process, just to get to that next customer. With never any intention of ever following up with any customer to assure repeat business. They re only interested in fresh meat. If you’re in management, you have to be able to find these “zombies” and eliminate them from existence. Why you ask? They’re freakin zombies. Duh!! These infectious employees will only spread their virus onto healthy, efficient, and productive employees. Pull out your weapon and fire until there’s not a one of them left in sight. Keep a close eye out though. Zombies will always be filling out applications at your place of business. They’ll sneak right through your H.R. department and be placed right on your post it note. Protect your staff. Eliminate a zombie as soon as one is discovered. Yes this blog seems brutal and a bit cheesy, but for you out there in that battle for success…. You know they’re out there.



  1. As long as you don't become like Bill Murray in zombieland, we all saw what happens when you join them... Rule #2 double tap

  2. Double Tap is the key.....Can't lettem have a second chance to kill