Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healthy Success.


Anyone in business can tell you in order to perform @ the top of your game you have to feel good.  Feeling good gives you that swagger of confidence that keeps you in a positive frame of mind to make it happen.  You ever realize when you're in a great mood things just naturally go your way?  Now not all life is peaches and cream, but there are certain things you can control to make life progress in the right direction.  I feel the gym and staying fit is a major key element in staying in a positive frame of mind.  It's a place to let out your frustrations, a place to stimulate your body and mind, and don't forget an awesome place to network.  Most successful people hit the gym at some point in time.  Who better to surround yourself with?  I personally use a full body workout I developed with the reading of a few men's health books that works awesome.  You’re not going to get huge, but Its more of a tone and healthy look.  Now I know your not going to have the time to hit the gym up everyday.  You have reports to do, people to hire, etc.  For this I suggest what I did.  I installed the perfect pull-up right in my office.  With that and the perfect push-up you have yourself a mini gym right next to your stapler.   Every time I walk in or out of the office I do one or the other.  Ya sure people walking by will think your nutzo, but hey you don't get to the top of your game without being an individual.  For a copy of my Mens Health workout I created on excel, feel free to hit me up on my email @


I'll be glad to send you a copy.  It's all about helping each other.  Not paying it forward in life makes for a long and lonely road....


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