Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Hangover

Ugh feeling a little rugh today.  As I mentioned I was going up Kansas City for Faisals citizenship.  Wow that was a humbling experience. Of course we had to celebrate afterwards with some sweet dance moves and cocktails.  It’s the American way.   In Faisals case,  it took him seven years to achieve his citizenship.  I won’t say exactly how much it cost him, but he spent over 20k.  Intro-vision technologies, where he’s employed, was a big part of making that happen for him.  Now that’s a company to not only work for, but to do business with. 

Business owners here’s a word of advice. TAKE CARE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES.  Something I’ve learned in business is that if you’re not nice to your employees they won’t be nice to your customers.  They are your investment.  So why would you beat them down to where they can’t mentally and physicallyperform.  If you have any questions in your head whether or not you’re treating your employees right or not…. YOUR NOT!  They’re people too.  I used to be that guy that “brow beats” people, but I’m smart enough to know that when something isn’t working you change it.  It’s not going to make you work any better by getting treated in a negative way.  So, why do you think it’s going to work on them?  Your business is guaranteed to fail.  Now I’m not saying don’t put the hammer down when it’s necessary by any means.  If you do it everyday people become numb to it.  It’s not effective at all.  It’s like giving you wife flowers everyday.  Eventually it not a sweet gesture anymore.  It’s routine

.  So, next time you tell someone your worthless, lazy, dumb, etc, look in a mirror.  You’re the one keeping them employed at your business.  Therefore you’re all of the above. 

On another note if anyone would like to drop by my business with a bloody mary in hand.  I would be forever in your debt.  This hangover is killing me…. But I’m still gonna kick this days keister. 

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