Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed

I’m the king of this line.  How many face book updates have you seen of mine asking you to view this blog.  I don’t do it to be obnoxious.  I do it to remind people that I’m out there.  Hopefully something from my blog will help them in their day, month, or even life.  I get a lot of submissions from people that I learn a lot from.  That’s my goal here.  Not only to say what is on my brain at the second, but to learn from others whom are 10X more educated than I. 
90% of things, good or bad, that I received in life I’ve asked for.  Kids are the best at this.  I swear if I could be allowed to put 5 youngsters in my offices under the age of 5, and it was perfectly legal and ethical, I would.  They are the best at getting adults to do something.  What’s their key.  Persistence!  It’s the ol mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, until you crack and cave to their desires.  I love it.  Fellas your girlfriends/partners are the best at this also.  I swear my Miss Brittany could be as successful as Warren Buffet if she would sell everyone like she sells me.  I fold like origami to that girls wants/needs. 
Im not saying being obnoxious.  That can be a bit of a turn off.  Just put it out there every once and a while to let people know your hungry and you want to be fed.  About once a month I remind my boss that I want his job.  Not to threaten him, but when the opportunity knocks I would appreciate a shot at the title. 
So next time you see someone get what you wanted ask yourself; did I go ask for it or just assume that they knew I wanted it?  I know you would love to hate that guy that took your promotion, but all he/she did was asked to get fed.
Don’t Go Hungry! 

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