Monday, September 19, 2011

Rope a Dope?
He’s no dope!

Being a big sports fan I would like to take some time out this morning to talk about the fight this weekend.  Even if you’re not a big sports/boxing fan I’m sure you’ll take something out of this from a business stand-point.

I know you probably think that everything I look at in life is from a business stand-point.  Not true.  This blog is though.  If you need personal advice I’m not your man.  That’s a psychiatrist job. Plus I have more issues than sports illustrated to be giving life advice. 

Now down to business.  Floyd “Money Man” Mayweather.  If you’re a boxing fan you either love him or hate him.  From a business stand-point, this man is worth his weight in plutonium.  The guy makes, for himself, 70 million dollars for stepping foot into that ring.  70 million!!! Snap!  You think he does that being the nice guy, by being humble, and peaceful.  Like he says “I’m in the hurt business.”  Personally the only guy I’ve seen bring that much money in a fight and be a nice guy is Oscar De Le Hoya.  Now you’ll argue that Sugar Ray Leonard made it as a nice guy.  Yes he did.  Not 70million dollars nice though. 

You ask, How’s Floyd make so much money and so many people hate him?  Folks… There has to be a villain in entertainment/sports.  It works for the Oakland Raiders and it’s what works for him.  He knows people will tune in to hopefully watch him receive his first loss.  He’s cocky, arrogant, and his personal life is more jacked up than the US government’s checkbook.  All this in mind, you’re going to watch his next fight.  He’s created that. 

As far as the controversial fight over the weekend vs. Ortiz., It is what it is.  Honestly, yes it was an unsportsmanlike like shot. It wasn’t technically a rule breaker though. I don’t want to ruin the outcome of the fight.  So, go to YouTube to see what the “Sucker Punch” looks like.   Ortiz better thank his lucky stars Mayweather did what he did.  Ortiz Is pretty much guaranteed another rematch with Mayweather and will bring him personally a load of money.  Ortiz was losing the fight and if he would have lost in a normal fashion, there would be no second fight.  Mayweather did the smart thing by creating a second fight with a weaker opponent.  If you had the chance to create a situation where you step into the ring, with a guaranteed win for 70million, you know you would do the same thing.  So, next time you judge someone by their business practices, step back.  Take a look and see if they are just creating hype, drama, or just planting a seed to create a great business opportunity.  As long as it’s ethical I see no problem with it. 

In summary this loud mouthed, arrogant, smart, conditioned, entertaining fighter is one of the few things keeping boxing relevant.  MMA is on its back doorstep about to take over its house.  If it hasn’t done it already.

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Thanks again!

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