Monday, September 19, 2011

Konichiwa Travelers

Only one word comes to my mind when it comes to describing the Japanese people. That’s pride.  If you love to travel and want to see one of the most excepting cultures in the world, visit Japan.

Give you a little background about myself.  I came out of high school clueless on what I was going to do with my life.  Knowing that I wanted to get a college education and I needed the funds to do so, I joined the United States Navy.  My first and only tour took me to the beautiful country of Japan.

Talk about shell shocked.  I had just turned 18 when I was dropped off in the most clueless situation I had ever encountered.  Narita, Japans airport.  Not speaking a lick of Japanese and feeling like Chris Farley on the Japanese game show skit on snl,  I started to ask people in the area if they could help me.  Luckily for me the Japanese learn English at a young age.  Every one of them noticed I was in distress and was more than willing to help me. 

Now I’m not here to tell you about my Navy experience in Japan.  I’ll do that in another blog.  I just wanted to show you that we have a lot to learn from this culture.  Sure we’ve had our differences in the past, but this is definitely a country you have to visit before god decides he want you in his army. 

Places to visit in Japan
Kamakura:  For temples, large Buddha’s, and deep history of the Japanese culture.
Akiabara:  One word….. Electronics
Roppongi:  Party like a rock star until the break of dawn and  If you choose to continue it on into the day.
Shinjuku:  People watching, big city, tons of people, and Google the busiest crosswalk in the world and you’ll get an idea.
Harajuku:  Tokyo’s fashion district.
Nagano: Winter sports and where the 1998 Olympics was held
Sapparo:  Ice festival

These are just a few to touch on.  Do your research.  These people will welcome you with open arms.  They would love to learn just as much about our culture as we do there’s.  While you’re over there turn on one of there Japanese TV stations.  You talk about a lot of enjoyment.  You don’t even have to know the language to get hours of entertainment. Also step into one of the small pubs that are sure to be near your hotel.  Sometimes they only have one or two seats in them.  Usually a husband and wife will be serving you drinks.  If they know enough English, you’ll laugh and enjoy your whole evening.  In the meantime also making friends for life.

Any questions about travel to Japan please ask in the comments and Ill be glad to help you.  Thanks for reading and please share with your friends.  

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