Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Risk+Risk+Risk / Failures x Rewards = Success

This might come as a surprise to you, but I’ve had a million little business ventures I’ve dabbled with in my goals towards success. Am I successful yet?  Not even close.  I have all these ideas and I live by a philosophy of not being afraid of failure.  A lot of people look as failing as the end of the world.  Seriously?  I’ve failed more times than the Buffalo Bills in a Super Bowl game.  It’s what growing experiences I’ve taken from the situations to add to my formula toward success.  The trick to failing is minimizing your losses and taking something good from it.  In any new venture your going to need to ease into it.  Make small mistakes early to avoid big mistakes down the road. 

For instance you want to dabble in this new ice cream by the ounce trend, but don’t know if it’s going to sell in your town.  Well, you don’t go out there and open 20 stores right away.  Maybe just open one or two in prime areas and see if there is interest.  If it’s not successful in the prime retail spots, it’s probably not going to survive in less traveled areas.  Ease into it.

Sure, you’re going to have doubters out there that will watch from the sidelines and knock you down about your failures.  These people can’t even spell risk.  Let em hate.  These are the people that will be paying your bills down the road. Going damn! I wish I would have believed in that crazy entrepreneur.  This being their failure with no risk.  I guess the risk was not believing.

In summary have fun with business.  You have an idea.  Go with it.  Just minimize your risk and maximize the rewards.  When the haters come along and try to attach themselves to your coattails now that they see your succeeding; humbly hand them an application and say don’t call us we’ll call you.

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