Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perception is Reality

Whether you like it or not, perception is reality.  Example:  Put some racist line on face book and see how those 400 friends that you haven’t seen in ten years will perceive you.  It’s a social experiment!  Try it…..  No not really.  Don’t do it. 
It’s unfortunate now days that everyone likes to judge and honestly be judged.  I like to push the envelope when it comes to walking on eggshells.  Ask my mother and my sister.  Sometimes they think I might have Asperger Syndrome or tourettes.
  I’m in the business industry where every step you make is judged.  The step they’re  looking for the most is the one where you trip and fall. Lets say you run a successful business that employees over 500 fine citizens.  That’s 500 families you are helping exist in this world the way they want to live.  Your numbers increase year over year for 10 years.  The stockholders look at you like you’re the best thing since the Smartphone/ sliced bread for you ol timers.  Now let’s say one night you go out, get intoxicated, and send risqué photos to your twitter account.  Oh snap!! 10 years down the tube.  All that hard work you put in is for nada.  Just over one moment of stupidity.  Is this the reality of who this person really is for those that know them closely.  Nope, but it is now.  Your stockholders are mad; your executivess look at you like you’re the plague in order to protect their own career.  I’ve seen it happen.  Take Bernie Madoff.  The devil of the finance world right?  People worshiped him for decades over the returns he made for them.  He wasn’t hated until he got caught.  Then every person that knew exactly what he was doing the whole time treated him as if he were a leper.  50 billion dollars folks.  Your naive to think that he was the only one that knew about this scheme.   
As far as yourself.  Keep that nose clean, but also know that people make mistakes that can be forgiven.  Before you put them up there on that cross, bear in mind someday you’ll sin too.  Perception is not always reality.  How many times have you hired a person off their resume only to find out they have 15 people buried in their basement.  I’ve seen it a hundred times. 
Have a great day everyone.  Help others, help yourself, and don’t forget even the most perfect employees’ make mistakes!

Exception to the rule where you reputation can be ruined and you make millions!!!!
Paris Hilton
Kim Kardashian and now her sisters!

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