Monday, September 5, 2011

Ad. Vise

Why pay When it’s Free


At a recent meeting I attended, at our yearly national, gathering we discussed a number of statistics.  One that continues to stick in my head is the fact that 60% of our customers that walk through our door have viewed us online before stepping foot into our business.  60%!!! That’s huge.  So where are you going to spend your money in advertising.  Honestly when I go online I hate TEXT.  It’s boring; it doesn’t catch my eye, and its way “old-school”.  So as far as the newspaper goes, im sorry to say to my publisher friends, its out-dated.  Tv commercials are great, but if your like me you TiVo your shows and start watching them 15 minutes in so that you can breeze through the commercials.

I’m a big fan of both types of advertising, but times have changed.  If 60% of your business is coming from online traffic, it only makes “cents” to put 70% of your advertising efforts here.  Now that doesn’t mean 70% of your advertising money, but efforts.  I say this because a lot of online advertising is free.  Via blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.  It doesn’t cost a thing but time.  Next time you sit down to develop your advertising strategy/budget, look online.  Internet……The final frontier


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