Saturday, September 10, 2011

Humble Pie…..Go back for a second slice!


Yesterday I spoke of the NFL as a business and how they need to become more customer friendly and aware.  I wanted to continue on this subject a bit because I don’t think the league is solely responsible for customer service.  Of course the players are also.  Example The player from Titans, I won’t mention his name…..C.J., was holding out for the season to work the system and gain a few bucks in the meantime.  I don’t have a problem with this what so ever.  What I have a problem with is the fact that he tells his fans to S.T.F.U. on twitter because there begging him to get his butt to practice.  S.T.F.U?? Seriously?  Where I work telling a customer to STFU will get you fired.  Not the NFL though.  I understand the NFL has a huge entertainment factor.  So, players/personalities are welcome like this to keep their name out there.  No press is bad press right?  I know everyone likes there to be a villain, but this guy is off his meds if you ask me.  It’s ok to be a high personality, but be humble about it.  Chris thinks that all the fans care about is there fantasy league points.  So what if that’s true.  I bet at least 60% of the fans in the NFL take part in a fantasy league.  I really think the fantasy leagues have boosted interest in the NFL.  I find myself watching a lot more games due to the fact I have a player on that team.  Look at all the women watching football on Sunday now that they know they can outsmart their husband at his favorite sport.  In summary, It’s ok to have a little flare, swagger, attitude, etc… But at the core always stay humble.  Being humble is a long term investment.  Getting Rich and Good looking will get you broke and hated.  So, every time you see your business slipping look at your staffs attitude.  Are they humble or are they keeping their customers waiting on a convenient time for them to go to work……


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