Friday, September 9, 2011

“Quotes Around the Office”

Some to live by and some to make ya go huh?


“In order to be consistently successful you must be successfully consistent”  (Brent Puckett Finance Director)


“Pimpin ain’t easy; unless your girls are compliant!” (Anonymous)


“That’s the straw that broke the lizards tail” Michael Jordan (Finance Producer and if you knew him you would understand how he messes up quotes all the time.)


“Angry Customers are created not born.”  (Nate Reynolds Finance Director)


“Work is a verb, not a noun.” (Randall Hargis General Sales Manager)


“You gotta touch the wheel to seal the deal.” (Anonymous car guy quote.)


“Uglier than a bucket of moles.” (Anonymous)


“Deals aren’t lost by a few dollars, but missed by a few words.” (Jeff King)


“The best lessons you can learn are the ones in life, but only if your willing to live.” (Chad White Car God)


“It’s not what you do today it’s what you did yesterday.” (Jerry White Used Car Manager)


“Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.

They make the impossible happen”

(Robert Jarvik)


“Success, Something U Can Create Every Single Second.” (Nate Reynolds Finance Director.)


Were going to be doing quotes around the office every week on the blog.  If you have a great quote for next week feel free to email it to me @  Or if you would like to share it today, just put it in the comment. 



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