Friday, September 2, 2011

Out with the price in with the service…


When I first started in business I was always taught that price sells product.  You give a customer a great price and they will buy.  Now due to the technology aka the internet price is one of the last things that sells product.  Nowa days you have to provide a great service to the customer.  That’s what sells.  You provide a stellar service to a customer and they will pay that premium price.  I know I will.  They’ll be your most loyal customers also.  Honestly you don’t want to sell to a customer that price is what sells.  There not loyal.  The only reason they bought from you is because you gave them the best deal.  Next time when they buy they’ll come back to you, If you give them the best price.  If not, they’ll just go to on to the next person that’s going to give them the best price.  There not loyal at all.  As far as everything I’ve been taught in business, without repeat business there will be no business for long.  A good customer understands that you have to make a fair profit to keep the door opens.  Otherwise you won’t be there next time they need you.

So next time you try to give that customer the best price for your product think.  Do you really want a customer that you made no profit on and probably wont be back to see you in any way shape or form unless you give them the best price again aka you make 0 profit.  Provide that great service, request a fair premium price for your product, and trust me they will love your business and come back to see you next time they are in need. 


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