Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good press is Good press!

Seeing what’s on every ones minds?  I recently stopped viewing sites such as CNN, FOX news, etc.  It’s not like I have some political agenda against these news agencies, but honestly I’m just truly tired of all the negative press the world is getting. I think god built a pretty nice place and the only thing negative about it is what we create.  I’m out to prove that our society does not wish to see this negative b/s day In and day out.  So please in the comments drop me a line about what you would like to see in a blog/ news agency.  Also if there’s any great news you heard about lately, even as simple as your kid winning the spelling Bee… Let me know.  I wanna share it.  Let’s get some good press going and leave the hating to the major news agencies… Gratzi!!

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