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Well I feel compelled to chat a bit on my feelings of what a commitment really is.  I have a few of my close friends going through there own dilemma due to this little word.  Whether its your job, marriage, family, etc. I truly think the core to this word is honesty.  That’s it…. My definition of Commitment:  I said I’ll do it so I will…… Straight outta Webster I swear J  Pretty simple huh.  You would be surprised how big of a bitch this is for a lot of people.  If I could make a suggestion on how to avoid angst due to commitment ….If you don’t think 100% that you’ll be able to do something don’t commit to it.  No big deal and your not breaking any commitment.  Sounds simple, but I think a lot of things in life are made complicated when at the core its quite simple. 


Commitment says a lot about your character.  You reputation is one of the most valuable things you have in your life.  You go 20 years without breaking a commitment and that one instance you do your credibility is shot down the tubes….To sum it up….. Don’t commit if you can’t follow through… Yes I need to practice what I preach on this one… No Ones perfect and the only person who can fix you is in the mirror… not in a shrinks office making 200 bucks an hour. No time like the present for change.


“You wake up every morning with the ability to erase that slate and create a new history.”


So why not do it.  Take the positive from the day before, learn from the negative, and grow…Be Committed!


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